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In 1971 a man lead us through the shock of abandonment by those we had thought Conservative.  He rejected Wage & Price Controls, left the Republican Party, and wrote an article calling for a new direction in politics. 

David Nolan was courageous, insightful, and focused on finding a new way to affirm individual freedom.  

David devised the Nolan Chart, now often seen as the World's Smallest Political Quiz.  He founded the Libertarian Party in a time filled with confidence and hope.  He was  a modest man who believed others who expressed their passion for freedom should also have a voice.  

And Dave recognized how important is was for each of us to find others we could work with, trust - and love.  

Dave started a service to help us find each other - and it worked.  Those who used it realized its power to put together individuals who could trust and care for each other.   So here it is again, working even better to help all of us in the establishment of a new community for freedom.  

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​Do you love Freedom?  

America began as colonies of people who did not necessarily agree with each other on multiple issues.  Each of these points of contention goes to the issue of tolerance and not using the force of law to keep others from living their own consciences.  

Since that day in 1971, August 15th, when so many walked away from the GOP much has been written but little progress has been made toawrd freedom for all.